After School Club Policy

Here is a brief outline of our policies. If you would like a full copy, please ask a member of staff at the Club, a copy is kept on the premises.


Playtimextra was set up in September 2014 to provide, school-based, child-care service through the medium of English and Welsh. Playtimextra is aimed at busy mums and dads who are either working or who would like to give their child extra opportunities to develop their physical, creative and social skills through the medium of play. The Club will strive in every way to support and reflect the values of the school. Every child who is a pupil at the school qualifies for membership. The overriding priority will be the children's safety and well-being.

The Club will be held on the school site and will operate on every school day. The playworkers will be carefully chosen for their personal qualities and their qualifications and experience. The Club will operate on a minimum ratio of 1 staff to every 8 children. However if necessary it may fall back on its right to extend the ratio of 1 staff to 12 children for those over 8 years of age. If there are low numbers of children, there will still be a minimum of 2 staff on duty and care provided to children aged 8-11 will not affect the care provided for children under 8 years of age. There is always the correct ratio of Level 3 play work qualified staff and one member of staff who is a level 2 qualified sports coach. There is also a staff relief list to cover unexpected staff absences, training, sickness or holidays. We received a very positive CSSIW inspection report and we intend to go from strength to strength.

Contents of our handbook include:

  1. Mission Statement 
  2. Induction- Procedures 
  3. Parent Registration & Contract 
  4. Complaints Policy and Procedure 
  5. Safeguarding Policy 
  6. Health & Safety General 
  7. Health & Safety Sport Specific 
  8. Missing Children Procedure 
  9. SEN Policy (Individual Needs) 
  10. Equal Opportunities Policy 
  11. Hygiene & Health Care Policy 
  12. Healthy Eating Policy 
  13. Medication Procedure 
  14. Behaviour Policy 
  15. Media Policy 
  16. Photograph Consent Form 
  17. Play Policy 
  18. Sun Care Policy 
  19. Staffing & Recruitment 
  20. Data Protection 

I will highlight some of the contents which will be of most interest to you initially.

Healthy Eating Policy

It is our aim to foster and encourage an interest in healthy eating amongst the children. All children are offered a healthy, substantial breakfast on arrival at the Breakfast Club. This is likely to consist of 4 choices of cereal, pancakes, croissants, waffles with honey, followed by fresh fruit. After school, we offer a full and varied menu, including cooked meals during the winter months. All drinks are sugar free. In order that we can fulfil our commitment to healthy eating, it is necessary to prohibit the consumption of sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks on the premises. Chewing-gum is not allowed. We therefore ask the parents not to provide their children with snacks, unless there is a specific dietary requirement to do so, in which case, parents should consult the Senior Play Worker in advance and be aware of the need to keep the Club fully informed of any special requirement, allergy or health problem.

All staff who handle food will be fully aware of and will comply with regulations relating to food safety and hygiene. The senior playworker will request any relevant information from parents about any special dietary requirements, preferences or allergies. The senior playworker will make a note of this.

Operations & Admissions

Admission Policy: All pupils at the school qualify for membership of the Club, which aims to provide both facilities and an environment suitable for their needs. In the case of children who have a special need, every effort will be made to accommodate those children and to provide appropriately for them in consultation with the parents and the children. The Club is inclusive and welcoming and supportive of all children.

The After School Clubs are open Monday to Friday.

Fees must be paid in case of illness, family holidays or if the child is being picked up early.


All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. Payment is due at the beginning of every half-term by cheque or bank-transfer to Playtimextra.

Qualifying parents/guardians may be eligible for Working Families Tax Credit and childcare vouchers. The staff operate the booking system. Parents who wish to use the Club on an ad hoc basis need to fill in a registration form in the back of this handbook in advance.


To cancel your child's place, the club needs a half term's notice. If there is a waiting list, the place may be permanently lost.

Equal Opportunities

We are strongly committed to positive action to counter discrimination in all aspects of the Club's work and practices, with particular reference to those who are disadvantaged because of disabilities or ethnic origins. We encourage an awareness and of the traditions of other groups both in other countries and within our society and an appreciation of other cultures. We celebrate diversity and emphasise that, as we love and cherish the language, culture and traditions of Wales, we recognise the importance of all other languages and cultures equally and respect other peoples of different backgrounds. We will foster this awareness and appreciation of other cultures by discussion and by marking the celebration of other religious festivals and by learning through story-telling, drawing, etc, about other cultures. We will encourage in our activities an awareness of the multi-racial nature of the society in which we live.

We aim to ensure that no one is treated unfairly because of his/her disability, race, colour, gender, ethnic or national origins or religious beliefs. Staff as well as the Management Committee will aim to ensure that the services which they provide are accessible to every boy and girl attending the Club. The policy will be actively promoted through our decision-making, employment practices and service provision, and we will strive to monitor its implementation and its effectiveness. We will challenge any behaviour that is discriminatory. We will operate the same Equal Opportunities Policy for all our Play-workers.

Furthermore, it is our aim to foster respect for the disabled and understanding of their needs by setting an example and encouraging a proper attitude by the Play-workers and by encouraging discussion and inclusiveness in all aspects of the Club's work.

An additional avenue in furthering our aim to awaken children's awareness of other traditions and cultures is the International Eisteddfod held every July in Llangollen. We will emphasise the importance of this cultural event on Welsh soil as we remember the profound need for peace, goodwill and reconciliation which lay at the root of its formation after the second world war.

Behaviour Policy

We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for everyone who uses the Club. We aim to promote positive behaviour and will promptly challenge any behaviour that spoils others' enjoyment of the facilities. Acceptable social behaviour is encouraged by staff acting as role models and displaying considerate attitudes. Unacceptable behaviour is quickly identified and dealt with positively.

Reasons are always given to the child involved, and good behaviour is always praised and whenever possible encouraged.

Behaviour that is encouraged and praised:
  • Kindness to others 
  • Respect towards all children and adults 
  • Respect for equipment and property 
  • Honesty 
  • Five positive rules 
  • We will respect and be kind to everyone at the Club 
  • We will respect the Club's property and other people 
  • We will stay within the Club Building 
  • We will listen to the Play-workers 
  • We will have fun 

Behaviour that will not be tolerated:

  • Bullying (verbal or physical) Staff are alert to all instances of bullying and children are encouraged to report incidents of bullying. 
  • Discriminatory behaviour 
  • Physically injuring another child or adult 
  • Swearing and insolence 
  • Disruptive behaviour 
  • Abuse of equipment 
  • Lying 

If a child displays behaviour that spoils the enjoyment of others, the following steps will be taken:

  • In the case of a child being bullied or injured, the child will be comforted by a member of staff.
  • The child(ren) responsible for any of the unacceptable behaviour will be taken to one side, told why the behaviour is not acceptable and encouraged to apologise. 
  • If a child displays continual disruptive behaviour we will discuss the situation with the child and the parents/guardian and we reserve the right to exclude the child from the Club if the behaviour does not improve. 
  • Physical punishment or the threat of it will not be used. 
  • Children are never shaken, humiliated, shouted at, intimidated or shamed.
  • Adults within the setting will not use any form of physical intervention unless it is necessary to prevent injury to the child, other children, an adult or serious damage to property. 
  • Any incident is recorded and the parent/guardian informed on the day. 
  • Positive behaviour will always be promoted and rewarded. The children will be included in developing behaviour strategies, setting behaviour goals and deciding what behaviour is acceptable and how to discourage unacceptable behaviour. 
  • We will help children learn about what is right and wrong.